Work Packages

The scientific agenda of HAEMUS International Research Network relies on 8 Work Packages (WP) and 2 Transversal Work Packages (TWP):
  • WP1- Archaeology and History as Mirrors of the Century (19th-20th c. AD)
  • WP2- Imperial Estates: From Preconceived Ideas to Modern Trends
  • WP3- From the Hellenistic and Roman to the Late Antique City
  • WP4- Christianity, Bishops and Churches
  • WP5- Wars, Barbarian Migrations and New Settlements
  • WP6- Economy and Society: Production, Trade, Nutrition, Climate Changes, Epidemics
  • WP7- Historical Geography and Geoarchaeology of Roads and Frontiers
  • WP8- Corpora of Inscriptions
  • TWP1Postgraduate Training through Mobility, Co-production and Cooperation
  • TWP2- Building Common Instruments, Practises and Ethics
All WP and TWP are constituing an independent laboratory for original and innovative conceptual tools and new syntheses. The appointment of the supervisors of each WP/TWP is currently underway.