Core Group

The administrative and scientific supervision of the HAEMUS International Research Network relies on a Core Group, on which sit representatives of twelve of the founding institutions:

Dominic Moreau

Coordinator of the HAEMUS IRN

Associate Professor in Late Antiquity at the University of Lille / HALMA-UMR 8164 research centre (Univ. Lille, CNRS, MC)

Audrey Bertrand

Assistant Director for Ancient History and Archaeology at the École française de Rome (EFR)

Michael Doneus

Professor for Landscape and Environmental Archaeology  / Director of the Institute for Prehistory and Historical Archeology of the University of Vienna

Christophe J. Goddard

Research Professor at the CNRS / Director of the AOrOc-UMR 8546 research centre (CNRS, PSL [ENS, EPHE])

Orsolya Heinrich-Tamáska

Research Professor at the Leibniz-Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe (GWZO)

Sabine Ladstätter

Research Professor / Executive Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW-OeAI)

Luke Lavan

Lecturer in Archaeology / Director of the the Centre for Late Antique Archaeology of the University of Kent

Laurianne Martinez-Sève

Director for Ancient and Byzantine Studies at the École française d'Athènes (EFA)

Emanuele Papi

Director of the Italian Archaeological School at Athens (SAIA)

Christoph Rummel

Scientific Advisor at the Roman-Germanic Commission of the German Archaeological Institute (RGK/DAI)

Carla Sfameni

Researcher at the Institute of Heritage Science of the Italian National Research Council (ISPC/CNR)

Together with the Scientific Board, they both form the Steering Committee of the network.

The HAEMUS International Research Network also has a specific partnership, in training, research and publishing with Brepols Publishers (contact: Rosie Bonté,, and is fully supported by the Hauts-de-France region.